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2009-11-03 23:17:23 by fede1920

New video

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The Evil Dead Collab !

2008-07-14 13:29:06 by fede1920

There's no such thing

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New Flash Coming Soon !

2008-05-28 22:53:08 by fede1920

I'm starting a New Flash Project , i know i have been saying this for many times , but i think this time is real !!

It will be some kind of "office comedy " starting myslef ( yes i'm very egocentric , some times so much that it hurts :P ) and my friend Fran ( he's a man ) and i supposed we wiil be making our voices for our characters.

It will have action ! , Office Issues ! , and even Tentacle Intercourse ! (LOL) .

I guess i will have to change the characters name , though , because i know that if i keep Fran's name like that there will be a rain of bad review saying things like :

Dude , Fran is a girl's name , WDF ? I thought Fran was a guy , or it was a girl ?. I'm so freaking confused , i'm gonna go now and cry like the little sassy i am D:

So , like i was saying , i think i will put them some other similar names , like Frank (Fran) and Fred ( me , Fede ) , that's right , are you happy now ?????

Well , that's it for now , now go out there and wait for my Flash >:(

Here's a little photo of our new office heroes :D

Bonus :


New Flash Coming Soon !

Everything Updated !

2008-05-10 00:59:54 by fede1920

Everything updated!

Except for the icon.. I'm keeping that

20 Minutes Later : New Icon !!